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Taji Media - Our Story

Taji Media was born out of a passion to provide businesses with digital solutions that work.
The world has become highly digitized with everyone on one social media platform or
the other – connecting, communicating and sharing. An opportunity therefore exists for
businesses to target and engage their customers.

We are a Corporate Digital Branding Firm that focuses on Digital Content creation and
Digital content management. We offer corporate branding solutions that give you and your
business an edge. We do this through:

Content creation: Our amazing team of qualified experts that includes Graphic Designers,
copywriters, animators and audio –visual experts work tirelessly to make our clients’ vision
come to life. We provide written content for websites and blogs that is relevant to your brand.
Our graphics team gives your business visibility both online and oine while our animators
create videos, short commercials that make your presentations that much better.

Content management: Your social media activity is only as good as how it is managed. Our
team of experts ensures that your social media accounts are kept up to date with
catchy and relevant information. We achieve this through : Website design and development,
creation and running of social media campaigns – depending on the package agreed upon.

IT consultation and management of hardware and software.

‘’Our Mission is to set Quality standards in Digital Branding through Innovation, creation and Management of Digital content.’’

‘’Our Vision is to become the leader and the measure of Quality and innovation in Digital Content creation and management.’’
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